Discount Programs


We provide discounts for all military and veterans upon proof of honorable service or current AD status. We appreciate your service to our country and would love to help make your preparedness much more affordable. Once you provide your DD-214, Veterans Advantage card, or show your military or veterans ID in person or emailed to [email protected] the discount will be applied. Please DO NOT send us a copy of your ID, we know that doing so is not authorized. You will receive a 10% discount on all sales. Additionally, active duty personnel and disabled veterans (50% or greater) will receive the customized kit building service free of charge. You only pay what it costs us to fulfill it. Police, firefighters, and other emergency responders will receive a 10% discount on all orders upon proof of service. Again, thank you for your service.

For those rare people who are both a veteran of the armed forces AND an emergency responder we will apply both discounts for you! We do however reserve the right to reduce the discount in the unlikely situations where a discount would result in a cost lower than it costs us to obtain the item(s) being purchased.

Educators that are purchasing for their school will receive bulk orders at cost plus a small processing fee, we believe in the safety of our children. Orders that are under $800 will receive a 15% discount upon proof that the purchaser is the school district. It should be noted that personal orders, or orders with the payment method being a personal credit card will not receive any discounts even if the intended use is for a school. This can be changed on a case by case basis.