About Us

After surviving a major motorcycle accident the founder of Ft MAC Safety Preparedness, Lonnie McNerney, decided that his family needed better protection in the event of emergencies, more than just getting better insurance. Wanting to research new methods and products for protecting motorcycle riders, he quickly discovered that many others were already working on wondrous ideas and innovative designs in this area. He could not contribute much, and began to feel that he would just end up as "another statistic." 

However the accident gave him the desire to prepare for emergencies in other areas as well, so he began buying supplies for various emergencies. It did not take long to discover that in the emergency preparedness field there are two extremes, being unprepared or being so over prepared that people begin to think you are crazy. Why should he be crazy for having a first aid kit and fire extinguisher in the kitchen? It is recommended by many different organizations after all.

Not wanting to choose between cheap junk, severe prepping supplies, and over priced items Lonnie decided to look for sources that could provide the quality of products needed in an emergency for a decent price. Very little was found and in short order he created a business plan to provide just such a source. After all, why should someone who wants to be prepared suddenly drop $10,000 on many years worth of supplies of food when he only intends to be prepared for 30 days (a time frame commonly considered to be more than enough time for utilities and services to be restored or to begin escaping a disaster area)? He wanted a happy median between over prepared apocalyptic prepping and not being prepared at all.

After founding his company, Lonnie began and continues to look for sources of cheap but quality equipment that can be used to protect people from, or react to emergency situations. Using his experiences from the military and multiple deployments, camping as both a child and an adult, and experiences from others he has quickly become effective in safety and preparedness kit design. He is always ready to help create the perfect kit to suit your needs.

When looking for your kit just let us do all the hard work! Tell us what you need, you wont be disappointed!